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Before and After Paver Sealing Pictures Our Services

• Brick Paver Sealing done right the first time
• Paver Cleaning - we handle all the prep work
• Driveway Paver Repairs handled professionally

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All Pro Paver Sealers has been providing paver sealing for your driveways, patios, pool decks and more for the last 12 years. We provide a complete brick paver sealing that will last for years.

Before and After Paver Sealing Pictures If you are interested in sealing your new brick pavers, All Pro Paver Sealers can determine how soon your new St Augustine or Jax project will be ready for a sealer. This depends on a few characteristics with new brick pavers: the porosity - or the total volume of the pores and how much water will be absorbed, the amount of efflorescence visible on the surface - this varies depending on how recent the bricks were manufactured as well as factors like humidity.

All Pro Paver Sealers has the knowledge and professional products to preserve your brick pavers to look "like new" in condition. First, we treat your pavers for stains if needed. Then if necessary we clean them with a specialized paver efflorescence cleaner and remove any ground in dirt or chalky salt deposits that can be present. All of the sealers with use are non-hazardous and environmentally safe and have mold and mildew inhibitors built in for added protection of you new or existing brick pavers.

Before and After Paver Sealing Pictures All Pro Paver Sealers has been sealing brick pavers for many years, and we have had an opportunity to test a range of products. We have found that nothing works as good as the proprietary system that we are using today. Our sealers are guaranteed to perform, under normal conditions for at least 3 years.

We welcome you to contact us for your paver sealing needs. We are serving all of North Florida including St Augustine, Jacksonville, Orange Park, the Beaches, Palm Coast and more. Call today: (904)814-7072.

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